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Cambridge Biotomography Centre (CBC)

The Horned Desert Viper - Cerastes cerastes
Service User Status Price
MicroCT Scanning Internal (University of Cambridge) £55 per hour
  External  £70 per hour subject to VAT
3D rendering All Users £25 per hour

The Cambridge Biotomography Centre allows you to hire our MicroCT scanner and trained technician for your own MicroCT projects.

Your specific research requirements will be taken into account; you can discuss your project and 3D imaging needs in detail ahead of time.

The CBC also provides a 3D rendering service. CT scans can be analyzed and reconstructed by an experienced technician on your behalf. This will enable you to acquire 3D models and high resolution imagery tailored to your needs. 

Please note, the minimum booking time for scanning and/or segmenting is 2 hours.